Furman University creates and maintains a considerable amount of information pertaining directly to each student enrolled. Almost all of this information is contained in records protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a federal statute passed into law in 1974 that provides the basis for dealing with student records at post-secondary educational institutions. FERPA regulations ensure a minimum standard for the access to, the use of, and the release of information from these education records. Concerns about Furman’s compliance with these regulations should be addressed to the University Registrar or directly with the Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO) .

Furman strives to provide quick and easy-to-use access for students to review all of the information contained in their own records, while protecting the release of these same records for unauthorized or inappropriate purposes. Be certain, our commitment to ensure that student records created at the university are maintained with the utmost accuracy and integrity is resolute. Furman University complies strictly with FERPA and all other relevant provisions in both United States and South Carolina law regarding the confidentiality of student records. We welcome you to click the appropriate link on the left to find out more about Furman’s student information release policy.


Students have the right to inspect their records and to challenge anything in them that they perceive to be inaccurate or misleading. The university must provide reasonable accommodations to accomplish these tasks. The office which creates and maintains the record in question is responsible for determining what is reasonable.

Furman’s student information release policy also stipulates that the university must protect all information in a student’s education record from being disclosed to anyone but the student, without the student’s written consent. Legal exceptions to this specific prohibition include, but are not limited to:

  • information released to a school official with a legitimate educational interest,
  • disclosures connected to financial aid awards to determine eligibility and/or to enforce the terms and conditions of aid received,
    information released to another higher education institution where a student seeks or intends to enroll,
  • compliance with a lawfully issued subpoena or court order,
    data supplied to fulfill federal or state-mandated enrollment reporting requirements,
  • notifications to parents or guardians of students found in violation of federal, state or local law or any university policy related to the use or possession of alcohol or controlled substances,
  • provisions for public information,
  • specific needs to address a health or safety emergency, and/or the release of selected information to the parents or guardians of financially dependent students.


Furman understands that you likely play an important role in your son or daughter’s education. It is also important to know that rights pertaining to the release of student information are held by the student and no one else. Accordingly, during orientation when we first inform students about our information release policy, we ask them whether it meets with their approval to share selected academic information beyond public information from their records, such as individual course grades and other course-related evaluations, grade point average, and academic status, with you. We also designate billing and financial aid details as an area that we would discuss with you if the student permits.

Be aware though, that if your son or daughter did not allow for the release of information to you Furman may still choose to share some of the protected items. In order to do so, we must be provided appropriate documentation showing that he or she was financially dependent upon you during the most recent tax year. Finally, any information shared with one parent (excluding financial information) can be disclosed to both unless the student specifically directs the university otherwise. Information routing instructions should be forwarded to Enrollment Services.

Faculty and Staff

Almost every person acting on behalf of Furman University interacts with students and their records each day. It is absolutely vital that we all understand our responsibilities in regard to being good stewards of the wealth of information that we collect, create, maintain, distribute, and use to assist each student in pursuing their education here at Furman.