Team Development

Challenge and connect your employees with our team development programs. These fun and challenging mental and physical situations will push your team to collaborate in ways that translate directly to better productivity and success at the office. Our program includes:

Active Shooter Training

Violent incidents in society are becoming more frequent and mainstream around the nation and world. It is unfortunate we have to discuss a subject of this nature, however, the Furman University Police Department believes your safety is the most important responsibility we are charged with. Realizing that someone can’t be with you around the clock for protection we offer training and education on various topics to help ensure your safety.

“Run, Hide, Fight” is a flexible set of principles that may be adapted to any violent situation. Preparation is key for any situation we face in life; the more prepared we are the better we perform.

The goal of this training is to begin your mental preparation of recognizing, assessing, and responding to threats against you. “Run, Hide, Fight” is being taught around the country to law enforcement, college campuses, K-12 schools, private business, and other social organizations that realize they need education on this topic.

Society has trained us to react to fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and other types of disasters; this program is no different. By studying what has worked in past violent incidents around the world it has been found that certain techniques work and others don’t.

This training is not designed to scare you into thinking there is a violent situation lurking around every corner. It is designed to prepare you with knowledge should you be in a violent situation including an active shooter scenario.

Design with DaVinci

Create your own masterpiece and learn to complement the talents of others in Design with DaVinci, a half-day (five hour) program. Guided by an artist, students will begin at their own canvas, follow several steps, and then move one seat to the right. At the end of the cycle, team members have put their own touch on each painting and will arrive back at their own canvas to complete their masterpiece. The program concludes with a short debriefing time to cover topics that were touched on throughout the class and to address topics that the organization feels employees need to discuss in a relaxed and creative environment.

Off the Cuff (Improv class)

You have watched it on TV. You may have spent an evening out enjoying a group of wacky improvisers making it up as they go along. Or maybe you dreaded it in your high school drama class. But have you considered its applications in the business world? Improvisation is more than just a way to make people laugh—it’s a powerful tool for fostering innovative leadership, building teamwork and communication skills, encouraging creativity and flexibility in problem solving, honing active listening and risk-taking, successfully reading body language and behavior, and managing crises and conflict adaptively and deftly. Through hands-on, facilitated workshops, your team will gain the confidence to approach their work with vision, spontaneity, and a renewed sense of creative energy.

Team Cuisine

Have you ever tried to prepare a large family-style meal with too many cooks in the kitchen? Team Cuisine is a half-day (five hour) program that places individuals who work together on a frequent or daily basis in a high-stress situation where they will learn to successfully complete the steps to create a product that everyone can be proud of and enjoy.

Team Building

Furman University and Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County are partnering together to provide a corporate team-building experience. Led by Furman faculty and with real building activities provided on the building site by Habitat for Humanity of Greenville County, your staff members will leave with an increased commitment to your company goals. This program can be designed for a full day or half-day of training that includes lunch.

Furman Ropes

The Know Boundaries Challenge Course is an amazing combination of ropes, logs, cable, platforms, and games that provide mental and physical challenges to people of all ages and abilities. With high ropes, adventure, and low ropes areas, the Team Development Course is a must for groups looking to build initiative, tighter bonds, and greater understanding of one another. Our talented staff will facilitate your group as they work through all of the course challenges.


For more information please contact Sam Tisdale at or call 864-294-2156.