Professional growth, experiential learning and community building.

The Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) at Furman offers a unique opportunity for individuals to further develop their leadership skills, broaden their awareness of emerging issues, and expand their professional network with other leaders. Whether you are coming from the city of Greenville or our surrounding communities, join us for an insightful and powerful five months that includes moments both in the classroom and online!

Invest in yourself as an individual and as a leader, as you move through carefully-designed modules that start from the core by addressing your strengths and values, then learn how to apply these through the lens of communicating effectively, leading teams and innovation through your leadership. The WLI is a positive and enriching environment to learn alongside others with similar aspirations and goals of growth, with a unique experience for each member.

Fall 2024 Info

Program Dates


September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13 and January 10

Delivery Format

Furman 101 (101 N Main Street, Greenville, SC 29601)



Pay in full at registration, or pay as you go with an initial $495 deposit, 20% discount available for non-profit and government organizations


Registration for Fall 2024

Deadline–August 30


Email with inquiries

Fall 2024 Scholarship Deadline–August 2024

Who should participate?

Individuals at all levels of leadership who aspire to be more effective and impactful leaders. There will be five powerful in-person days over five months and between those in-person dates, online communication and development sessions are also included– join our next cohort!

Program Details

“The heart of leadership is connection, and connection is about empathy, curiosity, and emotional courage.” –Brené Brown

Module 1: Self-Awareness as a Leader

This module will help you better understand your unique strengths, the core values that drive you and the challenges that you may encounter on your leadership journey.

Module 2: Communication for Leaders

Communication is an essential skill for all leaders. In this module, you will develop skills for conveying your vision and strategy to those around you. Learn storytelling techniques for both in-person and digital communication, while developing your unique leadership story.

Module 3: Leading Teams

Leading successful teams is one of the greatest challenges for any leader. This module will build your tool kit for having crucial conversations that can unlock greatness in those you lead. Develop your awareness of the formal and informal power structures at your organization to deliver important wins for your team. Learn the impact that mentorship and sponsorship can have on the development and retention of high performers.

Module 4: Innovative Leadership

Innovate or die is a mantra of the modern business world. This module will teach you the skills and mindset of an entrepreneur so that you can drive a culture of innovation at your organization. You will learn design thinking strategies, better understand organizational behavior, and develop skills to be a more adaptive leader.


Breakfast, Lunch, and refreshments will be provided each day of class.

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Meet Our Instructors

Maegan Azar

Associate Professor of Acting & Directing; Theatre Arts Department Chair

Shaniece Criss

Associate Professor of Health Sciences; Director of the Master of Arts in Advocacy and Equity Studies (MAAES)

Cynthia King

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence; Professor of Communication Studies

Kim Keefer

Director, Shucker Center for Leadership Development

Angélica Lozano-Alonso

Professor of Spanish; Spanish Language Coordinator

Margaret Oakes

Professor of English; Chair of the Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

Janna Pennington

Lecturer of Communication Studies

Jeanine Stratton

Associate Professor, Business and Accounting

Sarah Waylett

Assistant Director, Center for Innovative Leadership