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The Institute for the Advancement of Community Health was established at Furman during the spring of 2016. It grew out of the partnership Furman had established with the Greenville Health System as well as other community partners. The institute provides a point of convening for policy, education, research and community engagement in medicine and health.

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The IACH is uniquely positioned to improve the overall community health in Greenville. How do we harness the collective power of health care providers, public health experts, advocacy groups, and others to create communities that support the health of these children? Through the collection of patient data and broader indicators, we seek to collaborate with community partners to identify specific health outcomes that are targets for improvement.

The institute is helping create forward-thinking education and research opportunities. As communities across the country grapple with these same issues, we are establishing Furman and Greenville as models to help guide others. Ultimately, though, the goal of all of this effort is to create communities that support the health of our children and adults.


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