FRAD Program

First Year Advisors (FRADs) provide support during the transition to college for first year students living in campus housing.  Each FRAD provides personalized and group mentoring to first year students through residence hall programming, individual course assistance, tutoring, and intentional conversations.  Students can work with FRADs to learn better academic habits and how to communicate with faculty, discover different courses of study, explore engaged learning opportunities, and make meaningful connections with other students and organizations at Furman.

These efforts support Enhanced Mentoring & Advising as well as other Furman Advantage outcomes such as:

  • Intellectual Growth: Practice and guidance with communication skills, general education knowledge, problem-solving, and reasoning
  • Personal & Interpersonal Growth: Psychological health and well-being; focus on academic integrity; finding a sense of belonging
  • Professional Growth: Connection, preparation, and knowledge of research, internships, study away; career exploration



The FRAD program was created by Dr. Harry Shucker in 1974 when he reorganized the residence life staff to center on student-oriented peer mentor positions.  The FRAD position grew out of the Argonauts group and floor manager positions (student leaders in the men’s residence halls) and Proctor Advisor positions (student assistants in the women’s residence halls).  The focus of the FRAD role was to help students grow socially, academically, emotionally, and physically which has remained the same for over 45 years.

Consultation Information

Students may request an appointment with a FRAD to talk about specific Furman experiences.  By completing the form below, you will be matched with a FRAD who has personal experience in your area of interest and can help you get connected to the correct campus resources.  FRADs are available to meet with residents about:

  • Majors and minors
  • Getting connected to Pre-Professional Advisors
  • Getting connected with Peer Assisted Learning or help with a course
  • Exploring engaged learning experiences and careers
  • Campus Involvement
  • Campus Employment


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