Last summer, our Board of Trustees approved the broadest renovation project to date, one that will modernize third- and fourth-year students’ independent living experience. A comprehensive renovation of North Village apartments and pavilion will include upgrades to safety, accessibility, sustainability, interior design and exterior aesthetics. These designs were created and plans were made throughout the summer so the work could begin immediately.

Students will see new flooring, lighting, furniture, appliances and more natural light which was an important feature for our student focus groups. Structural changes to the apartments include converting shared bedrooms to private bedrooms and enclosing balconies and patios into glass-enclosed sunrooms. The goal of preparing students for lives of leadership and purpose lies at the center of this comprehensive renovation project.

Construction began August 15th and will be funded through financing. The total cost of the project will be approximately $50 million.

Students living in buildings during the fall semester, that will be renovated the following spring semester, will be moved by the university’s moving contractor into a newly renovated building while they are gone for break. Full details about this move process, including dates, moving supplies, etc. will be provided to the effected students each October.

  • $50M
    The total cost of the project
  • 2025
    Anticipated completion
Project Phases
Phase 1
Fall 2022
North Village D
Phase 2
Spring 2023
North Village E
Phase 3
Summer 2023
North Village G & H
Phase 4
Fall 2023
North Village F
Phase 5
Spring 2024
North Village A
Phase 6
Summer 2024
North Village I & K
Phase 7
Fall 2024
North Village B
Phase 8
Spring 2025
North Village C
Phase 9
Summer 2025
North Village J & Community Center