We understand the importance of a selecting a school that best fits your needs. We welcome questions from parents or perspective students looking to find their place at Furman.

If you would like to have an informational meeting with a SOAR representative as you weigh your college options, please email SOAR@furman.edu. We are available for in-person meetings, virtual Zoom meetings, phone calls, or email, and would be happy to speak with you and your family!

Fostering Inclusion for Neurodiversity (FIND Furman)

The Student Office for Accessibility Resources created FIND Furman for incoming students on the Autism Spectrum or with Autism-related conditions.

Managing Food Allergies

It is important to start early as you prepare to handle your food allergies at Furman.

Managing Chronic Illness

Managing chronic illness can be overwhelming, but we don't want it to interfere with your success at Furman.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Management

It is important to acknowledge managing ADHD in college is going to be a different and more challenging experience than it was in high school.

Transitioning to College

Learning is structured very differently in college than in high school.

Request an Accommodation

Interest in requesting an accommodation?