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At the beginning of the semester, SOAR will contact students about sending their accommodation letters to faculty. For instructions on how to request your approved accommodations each term, please watch the tutorial below. We encourage students to set up a time to talk with professors at the beginning of each semester to discuss accommodations. Students should contact SOAR if they have any questions or run into any problems including the need to discuss further accommodations.



Students wishing to take tests or exams in the Student Office for Accessibility Resources must submit the request at least two business days in advance.

Request test-taking accommodations

Alternate Format Text

Alternate Format Text is a textbook or article in a format other than standard print.

Request an alternate format text

Note-taking assistance

We can determine if note-taking assistance is an appropriate accommodation for you

Request note-taking assistance

Need Additional Accommodations

Please complete a SOAR Student Application to request the additional accommodations.

SOAR Student Application

Managing ADHD

We are here to connect you with resources that can help you manage ADHD.

Manage your ADHD

Managing Chronic Conditions

Managing a chronic condition can be overwhelming, but we don’t want it to interfere with your success at Furman.

Manage your chronic conditions

Grievance Procedures

Individuals who believe they have been discriminated against or harassed on the basis of disability may file a grievance.

Grievance procedures

Report an accessibility barrier

If you have noticed a potential accessibility barrier, let us know how we can help.

Report an accessiblity barrier