Note Taking Assistance


Glean that allows you to record while taking notes on your computer or mobile device. You to type in real time while making highlights and marking important moments in the lecture, and once the recording is complete, listen back to it based on the notes you typed

LiveScribe Echo Smartpen

A ballpoint pen that can record lectures and your handwriting in a specialized notebook. You can later tap on sections within your notes and the pen will play back the recording that was created at that exact moment in time.

Request Notetaking Assistance

Interested in requesting either of the aids above? Request assistance.


Am I eligible for notetaking assistance?

When you have your meeting to discuss your accommodations, we can determine if notetaking assistance is an appropriate accommodation for you. If you already had your accommodations meeting and you’re interested in trying notetaking assistance, please contact the SOAR office.

Do I have to pay to use Glean or the LiveScribe Pen?

No, there is no cost to use either. For Glean, you will be given a license code and the LiveScribe Pen will be loaned out to you for the term. You are responsible for purchasing additional LiveScribe notebooks, should you need them.

Will I be able to use my notetaking assistance over the summer?

Yes, just let the SOAR office know that you will be taking classes over the summer and would like to use your notetaking assistance accommodation.

How do I access my peer notetaking accommodation on the SOAR Dashboard?