Rhine river, students floating down

Global Experience

At Furman, the global experience is the central mission of the Modern Languages and Literatures department, and each year we accompany up to 70 students abroad. Whether you head to Europe or South America, we provide you with opportunities to travel thousands of miles across the world for unforgettable learning adventures that will shape the rest of your life. Our semester-long study away programs allow you to continue your distinctive Furman education while benefiting from an immersive linguistic and cultural experience. During these programs students live with host families, take courses at our partner universities abroad, and experience significant in-country and regional travel.


The Furman Fall in Versailles Program has been in existence since the early 1970s. Courses on language, literature, culture, and architectural history are taught in French by native instructors, professors at the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ), and by the resident Furman faculty. This program incorporates weekly visits to striking local sites and group excursions throughout the country, including the famous castles of the Loire Valley in the West and the Gothic cathedrals and stunning marketplaces of the North and East.


For German students, Furman’s spring in Berlin program offers the opportunity to live and study in Germany’s exciting multicultural capital. In addition to taking at least one language course at the premiere Freie Universität of Berlin, students choose from a full menu of non-language courses taught mostly in English. The diverse offerings allow students to explore topics in art, architecture, literature, international affairs, and film. In addition, this program offers numerous local tours and a week-long excursion (locations visited in recent years include: Munich, Prague, Vienna, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Paris, and Dresden).

For more information about the Berlin Spring 2021 program, click here.


Furman’s Spanish students have the option of attending one of two semester-long immersive programs. For nearly five decades the Fall in Madrid program has been an integral part of the Spanish major. Faculty at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija teach courses in intensive language, contemporary Spain, and Spanish art and civilization; the fourth course is taught by the Furman faculty director(s). During the semester students travel to Barcelona, as well as to cities such as Segovia and Toledo. The program concludes with a weeklong tour of Andalucía in southern Spain.


The Furman in Chile program, offered every other spring semester, is designed to provide Spanish majors and students with substantial coursework in the language with a semester-long immersion experience in Chile’s capital, Santiago. Native Spanish faculty at the prestigious Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile teach two of the courses, and the Furman faculty director teaches the other two. The program includes visits to important cultural centers and diverse areas in the country, as well as guided educational excursions to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Machu Picchu, Peru.

May Experience

The May Experience offerings include shorter, three-week study away programs that allow students to earn two credits while exploring relevant topics and cultures. Recent May Experiences have included a trip to Italy to investigate sustainable food practices, an adventure traveling down the Rhine River, along borders where today’s France, Germany, and Switzerland meet, and an exploration of language and identity in Spain. The Madrid internship program is offered at various intervals during the first summer session. Participants do an internship in a setting related to their interests, live in a home, and take language classes at Nebrija. Several excursions are also included.