The Modern Languages and Literatures department is diverse, yet united in its mission to inspire you in your discovery of foreign language and culture at Furman. Our instructors’ interests include the use of Spanish in the Upstate, representations of migration in the French-speaking world, post-war German literature and film, Mexican poetry, Latinos in the US, and historical memory in Spain. Among our faculty are 22 tenure-track professors who have proven their long-term commitment to teaching language. Many faculty members have earned special recognition, and all have an in-depth understanding of their subject and a passion for helping students gain fluency in a non-native language and culture.

French Faculty

German Studies Faculty

Spanish Faculty

List of faculty awards and recognition:

Alester G. Furman Jr. and Janie Earle Furman Meritorious Advising Award recipients:

  • Ilka Rasch, 2019
  • Lourdes Manyé, 2016
  • Sofía Kearns, 1999

Furman Standard Grant recipients:

  • Sofía Kearns, 2019
  • Ron Friis, 2017

South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities Excellence in Teaching Award:

  • Marianne Bessy, 2017

Furman Standard Honored Professor:

  • Ron Friis, 2011

SC Department of Higher Education Service-Learning Award

  • Sofía Kearns, 2010

Endowed Professorships

  • Linda Bartlett, Carey Shepard Crantford Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish)
  • Marianne Bessy, Lois Aileen Coggins Professor of French
  • Eunice Rojas, Herman N. Hipp University Professorship, 2021-2024

Maiden Invitational Award (In recognition of providing a welcoming environment for all students at Furman University)

  • Established in honor of Cherie Maiden, 1993
  • Presented to Linda Bartlett, 2007