Our faculty will engage you in first-hand learning in the lab, the classroom, and the field, because teaching undergraduates, both in the classroom and through research, is our defining mission. Our faculty members have broad interests and expertise in a variety of fields pertaining to Earth Science, Environmental Science, and Sustainability Science. With such diverse knowledge, our faculty is prepared to lead students along any path of interest. Approachable and committed, our professors offer one-on-one coaching, helping you succeed in your education and future career.

Our Faculty

Karen Allen

Associate Professor, Sustainability Science, Anthropology

Brannon Andersen

Rose J. Forgione Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Sustainability Sciences

Ruth Aronoff

Associate Professor of Earth Sciences

Gustavo Coelho

Assistant Professor of Water Resources

Matthew Cohen

Associate Professor, Sustainability Science

Geoffrey Habron

Professor of Sustainability Sciences

Peter Horvath

Adjunct Professor, Earth Sciences

Emma Hunt

Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences

Valeska Minkowski

Adjunct Professor

Suresh Muthukrishnan

Professor and Chair of Earth, Environmental, and Sustainability Sciences Department; Director of GIS and Remote Sensing Center

Courtney Quinn

Adjunct Professor; Earth, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences

Melissa Ranhofer

Lecturer, Department of Earth, Environmental, and Sustainability Sciences

Our Emeriti Faculty

John Garihan

Emeritus Professor

Angela Halfacre

Professor Emeritus

Bill Ranson

Professor Emeritus, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Kenneth Sargent

Emeritus Professor

Our Staff

Nina Anthony

Department Assistant of Environmental Science

Christopher Romanek

Laboratory manager