Understanding the rapidly changing relationship between humans and the planetary environment is a quintessential liberal arts question and one of humanity’s greatest challenges. Our mission is to provide a rigorous, current, and integrated undergraduate education in Earth Systems Science. Our curriculum centers on three guiding questions:

  • What are the history and processes of our planet?
  • How are humans transforming our planet?
  • How can all of humanity live well within the means of one planet?

Our programs focus on analyzing and understanding the human-planetary relationship, constantly evolving real world sustainability challenges, and searching for innovative solutions that will positively impact the environment and society. Our curriculum can be tailored to your interests and career goals and provides excellent preparation for graduate school and a wide variety of professional careers. Small classes, with fewer than 15 students, result in individualized attention in an engaged learning environment.

Furman’s location at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and proximity to Greenville provide easy access to a geologically, ecologically, and socially diverse region with ample opportunity for integrating field experiences into your education. Our philosophy of “teaching through research” provides every student the opportunity to conduct collaborative field research with our faculty.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Our flexible curriculum supports a tremendous range of graduate programs and career opportunities.