Courtney Quinn

Adjunct Professor; Earth, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences

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Dr. Quinn holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Her specific teaching and research interests revolve around sustainability and environmental leadership. Currently, Courtney serves as the Faculty Leadership Development Coordinator. She is also a certified Clifton Strengths Coach. Courtney has taught classes for Sustainability Science in the Earth and Environmental Studies at Furman since 2014. She also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on leadership for her alma mater. She has published in the areas of sustainability science, human dimensions of natural resources, and higher education pedagogy, specifically in regards to the development of critical thinking in college students.


  • Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • M.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • B.A., Drake University


Dr. Quinn's research interests include; leadership (environmental, agricultural, sustainability, natural resources), food and farming issues, place attachment, and critical thinking development.


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