Gustavo Coelho

Gustavo Coelho

Assistant Professor of Water Resources

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Dr. Gustavo Coelho joined Furman in 2022 after obtaining his Ph.D. in civil, environmental, and infrastructure engineering at George Mason University. During his doctoral studies, he served as a volunteer scientist for the Thriving Earth Exchange Program from the American Geophysical Union (2018-2022) and attended the CUAHSI National Water Center Innovators Program Summer Institute at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL in 2019.Before joining Furman, Dr. Coelho worked as a water resources engineer in São Paulo, Brazil (2010-2018). His engineering practical experience comprises several projects involving watershed management, stormwater infrastructure management, planning and design, floodplain mapping and analysis, flood impacts mitigation, water quality, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, and environmental impact assessment.Dr. Coelho believes that teaching goes far beyond mastering theories and concepts, where students must be able to analyze the world with critical thinking and understand its complexity in order to perform their duties with excellence while contributing to societal advancement. His courses aim to promote meaningful learning experiences through real-world examples, collaborative work, and group discussions.


  • Ph.D., in Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University
  • M.S., in Civil, Hydraulic Engineering, University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • B.S., in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • Professional License, Environmental Protection: Rural and Urban Water Management, National School for Water and Environmental Engineering (ENGEES), France.

Honors and Awards

  • 2022 AGU Frontiers in Hydrology Meeting Student Travel Grant
  • 2021 Summer Research Fellowship, Provost Office of George Mason University
  • 2021 Best Hackathon Project Award, DesignSafe Academy
  • 2020 Best Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering, George Mason University
  • 2019 Summer Institute Fellow, CUAHSI National Water Center Innovators Program.


Dr. Coelho research focuses on addressing pressing issues in the water resources filed mainly related to water quantity and quality, and natural hazards. His particular interest lied on the integration of weather and climate sciences with water resources for providing reliable predictions of future conditions, improve decision making process, and support actions towards more resilient cities and communities against water related hazards.

Representative Publications

  • Dollan, I. J., Maggioni, V., Johnston, J., Coelho, G. de A., and Kinter, J. L. III. (2022). Seasonal variability of future extreme precipitation and associated trends across the Contiguous U.S. Frontiers in Climate. 4:954892.
  • Coelho, G. de A., Ferreira, C. M., and Kinter, J. L. III. (2022). Multiscale and multi event evaluation of short-range real-time short-range flood forecasting in large metropolitan areas. Journal of Hydrology, Volume 612, Part C.
  • Coelho, G. de. A., Ferreira, C. M., Johnston, J., Kinter, J. L. III, Dollan, I. J., and Maggioni, V. (2022). Potential impacts of future extreme precipitation changes on flood engineering design across the contiguous United States. Water Resources Research 58, e2021WR031432.
  • Chegnini, T., Coelho, G. de A., Ratcliff, J., Ferreira, C. M., Mandli, K., Burke, P., and Li, H.. (2022). A Novel Framework for Parametric Analysis of Coastal Transition Zone Modeling. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 58 (1): 86-103.
  • Uzun, S., Tanir, T., Coelho, G. de A., de Lima, A. de S., Cassalho, F., and Ferreira, C. M. (2021). Changes in Snowmelt Runoff Timing in the Contiguous United States. Hydrological Processes 35(11), e14430.
  • Tanir, T., Sumi, S. J., de Lima, A. de S., Coelho, G. de A., Uzun, S., Cassalho, F., and Ferreira, C. M. (2021). Multi-scale comparison of urban socio-economic vulnerability in the Washington, DC metropolitan region resulting from compound flooding. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 61, 2021.
  • Tanir, T., de Lima, A. de S., Coelho, G. de A., Uzun, S., Cassalho, F., and Ferreira, C. M. (2021). Assessing the spatiotemporal socioeconomic flood vulnerability of agricultural communities in the Potomac River Watershed. Natural Hazards 108, 225–251.