Lay Physical Activities Center (PAC)

The Herman W. Lay Physical Activities Center, or PAC, is the hub of student fitness and recreational programs and activities. It is home to dozens of aerobic and weightlifting machines and has a basketball court, dance studio, swimming pool, and racquetball court. Whether you’re a health nut or simply looking to get in shape, you’ll find plenty of options in our 6,000-square foot workout space.

The PAC houses the following departments and institutes:

  • Health Sciences
  • Military Science
  • Institute for the Advancement of Community Health


Spend an afternoon with us, and it won’t take you long to discover that the Physical Activities Center is filled with cardiovascular equipment and weights. Find the facility that meets your training needs.


Fitness Center

You’ll find everything you need for your workout in our 6,000 square-foot fitness center. We have 70 pieces of cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, elliptical machines, stair climbers, and rowing machines. Not to mention our recumbent, upright spinner, and LeMond bicycles.

We did not forget about strength training either. Grab one of our lifting straps, and weight belts and get started on one of our 25 pieces of strength training equipment, cable crossover machines, dumbbells from 1lb to 110lbs, a smith machine, squat racks and medicine balls. When you are done with your workout, do not forget to stretch out with our foam rollers and stretching straps.

Swimming & Therapy Pools

Swimming Pool

Take a dip in our heated, six-lane pool. Whether you’re lap swimming, swimming for recreation, or taking a group exercise class, aquatic exercise can be a great non-impact workout. Feel free to use our kickboards, pull buoys, and aqua jogger belts to enhance your workout.

Therapy Pool

If an injury is keeping you from your workout, try our therapy pool. The 4ft to 9ft deep sections accommodate the needs of all of our Sports Medicine Center’s patients. During the week this space is primarily used for those patients, but we open it to members at various times during the week. It’s open to all members on the weekends.

Basketball Courts

Our 12,000 square-foot gymnasium features one main basketball court and two cross-courts.

Dance Studio

Take one of our group exercise classes and you will see the studio is for more than just dancing. Check your yoga posture in the continuous mirror on one wall, stretch out on one of our ballet bars, or pedal away on one of our spin bikes. You won’t have to worry about bringing equipment to class, we provide mats, step boxes, and free weights. Keep in mind this facility is typically reserved for classes.

Racquetball Courts

Grab a friend and hit one of our racquetball courts. Our courts feature three or four walls, depending on your game.

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