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Helping Students in Distress

The Student Intervention Team (SIT) is a group of administrators and staff who work closely with students who are struggling within the academic or social environment at Furman. The team works to coordinate university resources to assist students who are at risk academically, or who exhibit maladaptive behavior or signs of emotional distress. The team also identifies students who have either experienced personal loss or failures while enrolled or who may be a danger to themselves or others within the Furman community. The team develops intervention plans for each individual student based on the problems and concerns identified.

Concerned About a Student?

Furman is concerned about the well-being of all its students. If you are concerned about a classmate, please contact us. Students and non-employees may complete our referral form. This form will only be received during normal business working hours. If this is an emergency, please contact the University Police at 864.294.2111. Faculty and staff may raise concerns using Success@Furman in your MyFurman portal.

Our Procedures

If you believe someone is an immediate threat to themselves or others, you should contact University Police at 864.294.2111.

In a non-emergency situation, the SIT will serve as the university’s primary contact when a concern arises about a student’s behavior or well being. If the team determines the student needs intervention, the student will be contacted by an assigned member of the team to initiate conversations about how to assist the student and assess the level of threat noted.  Student Success Coordinators meet with students regularly to help students manage challenges and get connected to the appropriate support resources.

The Counseling Center representatives on the team do not comment on specific student matters but serve as a resource for the team in determining general intervention strategies and providing professional mental and physical health consultation.

Student Alert System

If there is a reason to be concerned with the behavior of a student, our campus administrators should be alerted to ensure that early intervention can occur. Faculty and staff may raise concerns using Success@Furman in your MyFurman portal.

Typical classroom issues which should be reported include: Multiple class absences, a pattern of lateness to class or with assignments, missing tests/exams, lack of responsiveness in class, disturbing personal disclosures in class assignments.

Typical outside classroom issues which should be reported include: Socially inappropriate behavior, alcohol or drug abuse, significant health concerns that interfere with daily functioning, disclosure of significant family or relationship issues, signs of a lack of connection or integration in the university community, or sudden, alarming changes in behavior.

Crisis and Behavioral Intervention

The SIT deals with matters of crisis, disturbing behavior, and medical and mental health situations in order to propose appropriate responses and interventions. Situations of acute crisis typically result in immediate follow-up with the student of concern.

Threat Assessment

The Threat Assessment and Behavioral Intervention Team (TABI) assists in assessing threatening situations and developing risk abatement plans that minimize the potential for violence. Leaders of the university’s Crisis Management Team may also be consulted in extreme incidents. Self-injurious behaviors/suicide ideation or attempt; erratic behaviors that disrupt the normal proceedings of the university and/or situations in which hospitalization are required will be considered matters of highest concern and in need of immediate university response and intervention.