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Student Conduct System

Furman University views its role in the administration of institutional policy as one of both ensuring fairness and providing an educational opportunity for the student. This approach protects the campus community by providing a system of educational and punitive sanctions for those violating university policies and also encourages growth and development of students through supporting the practice of responsible behavior in a community. The educational approach infers a need for understanding and self discipline on the part of the student as well as a respect for the rights and privileges of others.  The university is not a sanctuary where students or student groups may escape the responsibilities imposed by law upon all citizens. The university does not condone the violation or attempted violation of federal, state or local law.  Student conduct action may be taken on the basis of any conduct, on or off campus. Alleged violations may be referred to the appropriate criminal court and, if the conduct in question also appears to violate any university regulations, to the appropriate university official, national office or judicial body.

The basic philosophy and principles which guide the Student Conduct Process at Furman University are as follows:

  • The process is necessary and effective when it is applied in the learning experience of a student and/or for protection of the community of which they are a member.
  • When student conduct action becomes necessary, that action should be handled expeditiously and thoroughly.
  • The education of students concerning the policies of the university, emphasizing the need to live by those rules in a community of people, is promoted in residence hall meetings, conduct hearings and during any other contact made with individuals charged with violating university policy.
  • In conduct hearings involving students who are accused of violating university policies, consideration will be given to all information relevant to the case. This is to ensure that a fair process and appropriate consideration are extended to all students.

The purpose of an educational institution such as Furman is to provide an environment where learning is encouraged and supported while discouraging any negative influences which may inhibit this process. Intellectual and developmental growth occurs when students are provided with a safe and secure living and learning environment where their academic and personal success are supported. The student conduct process provides a way to effectively enforce community standards in order to ensure that the rights of all students, faculty, and staff are not violated by other community members. In addition, it affords the opportunity to address serious violations of policies which may endanger the safety and security of the Furman University community and seriously infringe upon the learning environment.

Furman’s Student Conduct Code, Housing policies, Student Organization policies and Administrative policies are available in the Student Handbook.


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Student Conduct Code

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Student Conduct Procedures

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Student Conduct Board

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Student Organization Conduct Report

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