Research indicates that parents and families continue to have significant influence over the attitudes and behaviors of their college-age children. Parents must communicate their expectations about alcohol use in college, assist others in correcting misperceptions about college alcohol norms and myths, and serve as positive role models in the moderate use of alcohol, especially as a source of entertainment or stress relief. Most importantly, parents must see themselves as an essential partner in the college experience, allowing a student to mature through increased personal responsibility and independent decision-making, but also coaching a student toward the moderate use of alcohol, and helping students find resources to help when needed.

Information Guide

Each year, we provide parents with an information guide about our resources and policies. Download our guide as a PDF.


All new incoming students to Furman are required to complete AlcoholEdu for College to learn about alcohol and its effects on the mind and body. AlcoholEdu educates students about risks associated with alcohol, and it collects data that will enable the university to better serve the community and provide services and resources to address student needs.

Can parents and guardians take AlcoholEdu?

We encourage parents to join our ongoing alcohol education and prevention initiatives. Taking AlcoholEdu with your student is a great way to encourage more discussion about the risks and consequences of alcohol and other drugs, and this is an important issue to discuss with your student before school begins. To take the program, visit AlcoholEdu for Parents. This will allow you to create a profile and complete the course just like your student.