Our Gallup-certified coaches have participated in both Gallup’s “Successful Strengths Coaching” and “Coaching Individuals, Managers, and Teams” courses. Through these courses, our coaches learned how to conduct introductory and advanced coaching conversations with you to help you maximize your effectiveness using your natural talents. They can help you as an individual integrate your Strengths into your daily life, and they can also help teams maximize their productivity by helping team members utilize their unique talents for the betterment of the team.

Kim Keefer

Director, Shucker Center for Leadership Development

Andy Coe

Associate Director, Internship Office

Shaniece Criss

Associate Professor of Health Sciences; Director of the Master of Arts in Advocacy and Equity Studies (MAAES)

Courtney Chauvin '15

Senior Leadership Gifts Officer

Rebecca Marion-Flesch

Associate Director of Career Education

Kristin Irwin

Director of Career Education

Jessica Berkey-Barnes, M.S.

Associate Dean of Student Involvement and Engagement

Luz Ruiz '20

Leadership Giving Officer

Courtney Firman-Watkins

Pathways Program Coordinator

Jessica Hennessey

Professor of Economics; Interim Department Chair

Judy Bagley

Director, Student Office for Accessibility Resources

Cynthia King

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence; Professor of Communication Studies

Melanie Armstrong

Mentoring Coordinator