Advantage Team 2016-2017 group picture

2016-17 Advance Team

The 2016-17 Advance Team played host to several guest speakers who appeared on Furman’s campus during the school year, including Deborah Malac, U.S. Ambassador to Liberia 2012-2015 and U.S. Ambassador to Uganda 2015-present, and Nick Galasso, a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow and leader of Oxfam’s work on economic inequality and governance.

The Advance Team also traveled to Columbia, SC to attend the Twelfth Annual Wilkins Awards Dinner. Students are afforded the opportunity to mingle with South Carolina Legislators and community members.2019-20 Advance Team Members

2016-17 Advance Team Members

Class of 2017

Julia Reynolds

2016-17 Advance Team Leader
Concord, MA
Political Science, Philosophy

London Anderson

Heiskell, TN
Political Science

John Bleed

Wheaton, IL
Political Science, History

Whitney Busch

Richmond, VA
Political Science, Psychology

Junyang Chai

Xi’an, China
Asian Studies, Mathematics-Economics

Jasmine Farmer

Blythewood, SC
Political Science

Clark Hickerson

Greenville, SC
Political Science

Jai-Ryung (Jenny) Lee

Salatiga, Indonesia

Nathan Mathai

Plano, TX

Emilee O’Brien

Wilbraham, MA
Political Science, Poverty Studies

Christopher Razo

Chicago, IL
Political Science

Amanda Richey

Baton Rouge, LA
Earth and Environmental Sciences, Communication Studies

Melissa Temple

Johnson City, TN
Political Science, Communication Studies

Laken Weaver

Emmitsburg, TMD
Political Science, Urban Studies

Ashley West

Alpharetta, GA
Political Science

Daniel Zhang

Shanghai, China
Political Science, Film Studies

Class of 2018

Sulaiman Ahmad

Greenville, SC
Political Science, Middle East Studies

Christian Alexandrou

Worcester, MA
Political Science, Poverty Studies

Crystal Brockington

Conyers, GA
Political Science, Communication Studies

J.P. Burleigh

Cincinnati, OH
Political Science, Philosophy

Elizabeth Campbell

Knoxville, TN
Political Science, History

Shannon Cherney

North Myrtle Beach, SC
Political Science, Communication Studies, Ancient Greek and Roman Studies

Matthew Deininger

Pittsboro, NC
Political Science, Mathematics-Economics

Emma DeVenny

Lancaster, SC
Political Science, French

Jackson Ferrell

Nashville, TN
Economics, Business Administration

Nicole Hyman

Hartsville, SC
Political Science, Sociology, Poverty Studies

Emma Jackson

Birmingham, AL
Political Science

Lucy Lansing

Rome, GA
Political Science

Evan Norfleet

Chapel Hill, NC
Political Science

Liam Simkins-Walker

Atlanta, GA
Political Science, Mathematics

Dominic Travis

Cincinnati, OH
Political Science

Xunqi (Jack) Zhu

Wuxi, China
Political Science

Noah Zimmerman

Camden, SC
Political Science, Philosophy, Poverty Studies

Class of 2019

Eric Faidley

Blountville, TN
Political Science

Jack Ligon

Atlanta, GA
Political Science

Hannah Warren

Lexington, KY
Political Science, Classics