Kat Bassey

Fully committed to serving both her country and local community, Kat Bassey is a contracted cadet in the Reserved Officer Training Corps and a grant writer for Soteria here in Greenville. Kat was so taken with Soteria’s work helping released formerly incarcerated people reintegrate into our community that she has continued her work there well after her course concluded, all while balancing her demanding double major with Asian Studies. She will be attending law school this fall before becoming a JAG Army Officer.

Drew Washington

From football to homecoming king to student government vice-president, what a career. Drew is also a man who understands his priorities; when grandmother calls and tells you to come to Sumter, you go. Best of all, Drew is a  good student and a better person. He is always optimistic, engaging, and uplifting to those who need a higher platform for their voice. His support for his peers is reflected in the respect shown to him by his student colleagues. The Batten School at the University of Virginia has earned itself a gem, but Furman had him first.