South Carolina United

SCU 2015 President Davis group

South Carolina United

Beginning in June 2018, South Carolina United was expanded to include all incoming Duke, Lay, and Townes scholarship recipients as well as the Hollingsworth scholarship recipients. This broadened opportunity, named Advantage Scholars, brings together scholars from across the United States, and may include international students.

For more information about Advantage Scholars, please click here.

Since its inception in 2007, South Carolina United has provided a unique three day experience that brings each year’s new Hollingsworth scholars together for a time of community building with their fellow scholars, leadership development for a diverse society, and exploration of issues pertinent to all South Carolinians.

To fulfill these goals, students participate in a variety of interactive activities. Through intentional games and thoughtful exercises, students develop a bond with each other and quickly learn to embrace diversity. When learning about policy issues, they are privy to insider perspectives as community leaders, policy advocates, and Furman professors come to share their expertise. In addition, students work in groups to evaluate various perspectives on a particular issue, later sharing with the group what they have discovered. These focused learning experiences coupled with fun excursions lay a foundation for these future leaders of South Carolina.  For a presentation of Hollingsworth student activities, classes of ’10, ’11,’12 and ’13, click here.


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