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Jessica Taylor, NPR Political Reporter
The 2016 Presidential Race: The Role of the Media
How Does the Media Affect Our Perceptions of the Candidates?

7 p.m., November 5, 2015
Hartness Pavilion, Furman University

Presented by the Riley Institute Advance Team
Elections are a vital aspect of every United States’ citizen’s life, especially a presidential election. With the presidential race for 2016 in full swing, the media plays a crucial role in setting the agenda, as well as providing information about presidential candidates.

NPR’s Jessica Taylor spoke about her experiences as a reporter during the current presidential race as well as covering previous elections. She and Furman professor of political science, Dr. Danielle Vinson, discussed the question of “How does the media shape our perceptions of the candidates?” Audience Q & A followed.

The Riley Institute Advance Team is proud to host this event that gives students more insight on the important role that the media plays in shaping the discussion and platform of policy issues amongst candidates and the actions of candidates themselves. For more information on the Riley Institute Advance Team, click here.