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6:30 – 7:45 p.m. Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Watkins Room, Trone Student Center
Presented by the Riley Institute and the Furman Department of Politics and International Affairs

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. This unprovoked war has pushed the United States and its allies to strengthen their relationships and unify around support for Ukrainians. Will this renewed unity last and, if so, what does that mean for the United States? What ramifications are felt today as a result of U.S. relations with countries around the world? From condemnatory rhetoric to regime changes, the heavy influence wielded by the United States in separate regions reverberates around the world.

In an evening of eight-minute talks, seven Furman professors of politics and international affairs discussed the United States’ engagement with various regions and how it impacts the U. S.’s ability to promote American interests and values more broadly. Have we missed opportunities for better relations? What is the impact today of U.S. foreign policy in Africa, Latin America, China, Russia, Europe, and the Middle East?

Program Agenda

Russia: A Tale of Two Decades
Dr. Mike Bressler

Putin: Forger of Trans-Atlantic Unity
Dr. Brent Nelsen

Competitor, Adversary, or Enemy? Positioning U.S.-China Relations
Dr. Kate Kaup

American Failure in the Middle East: The Case of Iran
Dr. Akan Malici

With Friends like These: American Allies in the Middle East
Dr. Buket Oztas

Latin America: Whose Backyard Is It Anyway?
Dr. Cleve Fraser

Minerals, Military, and Minds: Geo-Politics and the New Scramble for Africa
Dr. Don Gordon

Meet the Speakers

Michael Bressler

Professor, Politics and International Affairs

Brent Nelsen

Professor, Politics and International Affairs

Katherine "Kate" Kaup 白荷婷

James B. Duke Professor of Asian Studies and Politics and International Affairs

Akan Malici

Professor, Politics and International Affairs

Buket Oztas

Assistant Professor, Politics and International Affairs; Co-chair, Middle East and Islamic Studies

Cleveland Fraser

Professor, Politics and International Affairs; Coordinator, APEC

Donald Gordon

Executive Director, Riley Institute; Professor, Politics and International Affairs