Urban Politics & Policy Series

Dan Burden
Founder and Executive Director of Walkable Communities, Inc.

Dan Burden is the founder and Executive Director of Walkable Communities, Inc., a non-profit consulting firm in High Springs, Florida. The firm’s objective is helping North America develop walkable communities. Dan Burden is a nationally recognized authority on bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs, and has had 25 years of experience in developing, promoting and evaluating alternative transportation facilities, traffic calming practices and sustainable community design at national, regional, state and local levels.

He delivered an address, “Walking Communities,” on March 11, 2003 in the University Center’s Watkin’s Room.

Dan Burden’s vision has been to assist business and community leaders in their quest to create streets, activity centers, business districts and neighborhoods for people. He brings a message about creating community for people, not just cars. His highly visual, information rich workshops, with National Geographic slides, showcase ways to plan and design better streets, town centers, and neighborhoods.