2016: Constitution Day

Trump, Hillary, and the Constitution

Thursday, September 22; 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Watkins Room, Trone Student Center, Furman University

A Constitution Day panel discussion with Furman University political science professors Don Aiesi, Teresa Cosby, and Danielle Vinson and moderated by Dr. Brent Nelsen

Presented by The Riley Institute at Furman and Furman’s Department of Political Science

During the 2016 presidential election, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have claimed superior knowledge and understanding of what the U.S. Constitution allows. Not surprisingly, the candidates often do not agree on what the Constitution means—or says, for that matter—in regards to  the separation of powers in the federal government.  What are the Constitutional limits to executive power? If elected president, how far can either candidate go in setting policy regarding Muslims immigrating to America, undocumented individuals remaining, and the types of stories the press chooses to write?

In recognition of Constitution Day, on September 22 at 4:00, Furman’s own constitutional scholars, Teresa Cosby, J.D., and Don Aiesi, Ph.D., and American Government specialist Danielle Vinson, Ph.D., participated in a panel discussion analyzing claims made by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Political Science Professor Brent Nelsen, Ph.D., moderated the discussion.

Over 300 students and community members came to hear the discussion. Several attendees commented afterward how refreshing it was to hear a more detailed analysis of complex issues that are often presented in sound bites.