WhatWorksSC Clearinghouse

Its membership composed of Dick and Tunky Riley WhatWorksSC® Award winners and finalists, the WhatWorksSC Clearinghouse collects and shares key strategies for improving South Carolina’s public schools.

Monaview MAGIC Initiative
MMI is designed to serve as an example of how a 21st CCLC program can unleash the power of a united community, aimed at fostering social, emotional and educational growth
Alternative Pathways for Educator Certification Program
The mission of the Alternative Pathways for Educator Certification (APEC) Center at Columbia College is to recruit, prepare, and retain quality teachers in critical-needs school districts in South Carolina. The
Spartanburg First Steps/Quality Counts
Quality Counts is an evidenced-based quality enhancement program that is designed to create high quality learning environments and promote best practices for teachers with the ultimate goal that children will