Team Members: Laura Allen, Adam Broomhall, Sarita Chourey, Demond Criss, Regan Freeman, Lisa Jackson, Ford Riddle, Kendra Thornton, David Wage

It’s more than a glimpse of what’s possible. It’s a VIP visit to some of the world’s leading industry and technology facilities. In July, U Can 2: Stepping into the Future will bring junior counselors—students ages 14-15, who participate in Boys & Girls Club of Greenville County—the opportunity to learn onsite at Michelin and BMW. Students will tour the facilities, hear how professionals found their career paths, and get up close to real-world technology and processes. The goal of it all? To show young people that there is a world of opportunity for them in the fields of industry and technology and to introduce them to professionals who will share their own stories and encourage the next generation. The Clemson Scholars Program, adapted to middle school-age kids, will provide learning materials to prepare for each trip and to reflect afterward. A prepare-visit-reflect sequence of days will allow students to explore their experiences and deepen their understanding in a field they are interested in.

To sustain U Can 2 so that it will continue into the future, the hope is that the program will expand beyond the summer to include spring and fall school semester, bringing in additional industrial and technical employers as partners, and replicating the structure for different themes, such as arts & entertainment, environmental organizations, healthcare, financial and accounting firms, and nonprofit organizations.