The Power of Differences group is working with the non-profit organization, Disability Rights South Carolina. This organization is a protection and advocacy group that plays many roles. One of the goals they have is to enable individuals with disabilities to gain greater independence and full inclusion in the community and the workplace. The Power of Differences group is working with this organization to enhance its scope, targeting and raising awareness to potential employers of the benefits of hiring a person with a disability. This project will expand Disability Rights South Carolina outreach and be a resource for many organizations. 

Our group is making a 3-minute video that can be posted on the organization’s website, discussing these benefits by interviewing a person with a disability and their employer. We will revisit pamphlets that provide this information, along with information about what “reasonable accommodations” means. We will provide the nonprofit with these pamphlets and distribute them to different locations. Distribution will occur where potential employers are in rural South Carolina, such as local Chambers of Commerce and job fairs. Our goal is to help Disability Rights South Carolina in its efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of hiring a person with a disability so that ALL people may be productive members of society and live more independent lives.