Team Members: Jimmy Alexander, Larry Cunningham, Lydia Dobyns, Gerard Edwards, Lynette Gibson, Kathryn Norwood, Lance Radford, Chloe Tonney, Dan Weidenbenner

The “9 – 5” group had the privilege to collaborate in the creation of a high-level support plan for Charleston Promise Neighborhood (CPN), a Charleston- based nonprofit organization that provides and facilitates comprehensive programs and services that support children, strengthen families, and mobilize residents to action.  CPN serves in four under-resourced early learning and elementary schools to transform future generations.  The organization works in a holistic fashion across the spheres of education, healthcare and parent/community engagement to ensure that children and families thrive.

Our team worked with the staff at CPN and independently as a group to craft a communication plan for the goals CPN leadership conveyed were high priorities, namely these outcomes:

  • increase engagement among community stakeholders who are redeveloping the neighborhood;
  • invite redevelopment stakeholders to join and invest in the work to make the neck of Charleston a model community that creates a “transformation within a generation;” and
  • influence new development that positively benefits the organization and the surrounding neighborhood.

Further, our collaboration allowed each group member to participate and provide expertise and inputs through the myriad perspectives of the group.  Despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19, this was an excellent collaborative opportunity to underscore the significance of diverse perspectives in achieving mutually beneficial results for a community-based organization.  Additionally, this project demonstrated the power of philanthropy in driving social good by also bringing to bear a generous financial contribution for CPN from BMW.  Everyone had a role to play – and each did so with great aplomb.