Diversity Inspired Youth (DIY) is an annual program designed to promote diversity, inclusion, understanding and collaboration amongst high school students in their 11th grade year. It will have, as its model, The Riley Institute’s Diversity Leaders Initiative and will be targeted to high school youth in Greenville County.

There are two existing programs in Greenville County that work with youth to show them the path two a brighter future though educational attainment and career selection – Bridges to a Brighter Future at Furman University and Upward Bound at Greenville Technical College. Bridges to a Brighter Future is a nationally awarded comprehensive college access and success program for Greenville County students whose potential outdistances their circumstances. Upward Bound allows students with demonstrated potential to visit area colleges, learn about admission, and get ready to succeed as a college student.

DIY will bring these two groups together for a full day on Saturday, February 28, 2015 to participate in this diversity and leadership program. The program will be facilitated by Juan Johnson, President of Juan Johnson Consulting and Facilitation and a Senior Associate with the Riley Institute. He has extensive experience in working both with adults and youth with similar initiatives. Students from Bridges and Upward Bound will be given the opportunity to participate on a first come, first served basis, with a maximum of 40 students participating.

The inaugural program will be held at Greenville Technical College. The facility will be provided by Greenville Tech free of charge. Transportation and food will be provided by Bridges and Upward Bound. Juan Johnson’s fee for facilitating the program will be the only direct cost, which will be raised by Team MARVEL through personal and corporate contributions. All contributions to DIY will be channeled through and administered by the Riley Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization.


Team MARVEL completed their community action project, the DLI Youth program, on Saturday February 28. The program, conducted with students from Bridges to a Brighter Future and Upward Bound, was facilitated by Juan Johnson and co-facilitated by Team MARVEL. Through the commitment and hard work of Team MARVEL, it was an excellent program, the level of engagement of the students was top notch and the students provided feedback that will help make the next program of this type even more successful. Congratulations to Team MARVEL! For photos from this event, click here.