In response to Charleston County School District findings that many students from the Liberty Hill neighborhood were reading at just a third- or fourth-grade level in high school, the Liberty Hill Improvement Council formed an after-school literacy program. The program had its initial goal of eradicating illiteracy among students from this neighborhood. In recent years, the program has faced several challenges: 

  • Program leaders realized they needed to expand their goals from a sole focus on literacy to addressing the needs of the whole child. The program has undergone a name change to reflect this expanded mission. 
  • The program has expanded to serve students from seven different schools. This expansion was needed but has brought about transportation challenges. 
  • The pandemic has forced the program to limit the number of children they serve. 

The team has committed to helping the Liberty Hill After School Enrichment Program in four areas of need: 

  • Creating a sustainable pipeline of volunteers. 
  • Facilitating strategic planning. 
  • Connecting the organization to other agencies that provide services to families. 
  • Identifying solutions to the organization’s transportation challenges.