Team Members: Mark Arnold, Renee Bacon, Monica Dongre, Julia Fuchs, Judi Gatson, Dawn Hyde, Rich LaVecchia, Rhett Mabry, Bobby Teachey

Fostering Great Ideas (FGI), a nonprofit founded in 2011, advocates for children and teens in the foster care system. Throughout its 10 years, FGI has focused on aligning purposeful, community-wide action to promote meaningful relationships that can serve as a stable launch for children. To support this nonprofit and its mission, this team partnered with FGI, to increase awareness of FGI and its decade of service by:

  • Building a social media engagement campaign framework: The team leveraged existing FGI assets and collateral to create 10 social media posts (one per month) for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These posts also serve as an easy-to-use framework upon which FGI can change messaging as desired.
  • Writing an initial press release: The team wrote an in-depth news article to celebrate FGI’s 10 years of serving South Carolina Children and providing essential support during their foster care journey. This post will serve as an initial messaging effort to drive news of the anniversary and broader ongoing social media campaign.
  • Contributing a financial gift: The team has donated $1,010 to help support FGI’s hiring of a new marketing professional.

This 10-month campaign kicked off in May 2021 to correlate with Foster Care Awareness Month. The goal is to build awareness across a larger audience, leading to increased donations, additional volunteers, support for sibling-connection focused programs, and new foster families.