DiverSe Connections was tasked to work with Family Connections to help them enhance their connections to community partners, leaders and influencers. We learned that although they are one of the premiere service providers for parents and care givers of children with disabilities, they are still the best kept secret. Although they had a robust website and an amazing communications team, they had no simple way to share their very complicated story.

Our task was to help then create a tool to easily tell their story and also create connections with community influencers they may not have been able to connect with on their own.

Our Team decided a video series would be the best way to tell the Family Connection story. This video could then be shared at various meetings presentations as well as social media mediums.

Our team led by Kayla Green was able to create a video that can be shared and made into a series in the future.

In addition, our team was thoughtful about what type of “connections” would be most meaningful and most impactful to the organization and the families they serve.

Our team aligned the following opportunities for Family Connections:

Education Connections

  • School-based Collaborative Connection
  • Newsletter/Presentation Partner

Healthcare Connection

  • Direct Presentation to Healthcare Providers
  • EPIC Systems-Integration

Shared a Social Media Kit for a call to Action

We each identified at least 2 community connections to share with Family Connections

We asked our fellow DLI members to also share Connections