BridgeSpan.RNE will develop a program that will help to bridge the gap between Hispanic and non-Hispanic students at Richland Northeast International World Baccalaureate High School.  Hispanic students have had lower graduation rates, higher drop out rates, poorer attendance and problems associated with inappropriate behavior. The program will have a student mentor component where Hispanic and non-Hispanic students will work together on tutoring and mentoring activities that allow each to be the mentor to the other and that will promote regular school attendance, greater participation in school activities and a better understanding of each other’s culture.

It will also have a parental component that will assist Hispanic parents with learning the educational system through activities such as Spanish speaking orientation sessions and tours; availability of non-Hispanic parent volunteers to help with questions or concerns; and other projects to help these parents better support their students. Through the use of student focus groups, meetings with parents, coordination with teachers, administrators and community volunteers, the goal of BridgeSpan.RNE is to help erase the gaps between the Hispanic and non-Hispanic students.