BoardLINK is a searchable database intended to make community service opportunities available to DLI alumnae. It is hoped this will increase Board participation and representation, particularly in local government, by DLI alumnae who appreciate the importance of diversity and can offer different perspectives on issues. BoardLINK’s intended purpose is to broaden the pool of candidates available to serve on local government boards, which may lack a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Through this process the group have/will:

1) Identified local government board opportunities and created a database of those opportunities.

2) Make the database searchable and provide a link to it on the DLI Website.

3) Communicate to DLI alumnae concerning board opportunities through E-blasts. Additionally, BoardLINK can be promoted during DLI orientation meetings.

It is expected other DLI projects will further improve BoardLINK by broadening the list of non-profit boards, creating an application process which could possibly match DLI graduates with various boards.