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Diversity Leaders Initiative

South Carolina’s businesses and citizens compete not just with other states for jobs and economic growth, but with countries around the world.  The Riley Institute’s award-winning Diversity Leaders Initiative (DLI) equips leaders with the tools and perspectives needed to leverage diversity as a way to improve organizational outcomes and drive social and economic progress in South Carolina.

Carefully selected, established leaders from all sectors of South Carolina society, nominated by DLI alumni and invited to apply, take part in DLI, which offers a unique, highly interactive curriculum that imparts deep knowledge and skills to effectively manage and lead increasingly diverse workers, clients and constituents. Since 2003, more than 2,400 leaders across the state have graduated from the program and become Riley Fellows, members of a powerful cross-sector of South Carolinians that includes corporate CEOs, legislators, superintendents, religious and nonprofit heads, and business and community leaders.

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Community Action Projects

Diversity Leaders Initiative participants have completed more than 300 community action projects, developing real solutions for real issues across South Carolina.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how to participate or what the Diversity Leaders Initiative curriculum entails? We’ve got answers!

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Riley Fellow Roster

Meet more than 2,400 exceptional leaders who are united in their commitment in creating social and economic progress across the state.

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Unite South Carolina

Get a closer look at the genesis of the Diversity Leaders Initiative and the groundbreaking community action projects the program inspired in its first 10 years.

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