Instructor Assistance:

  • Introduce Instructor on the first day of class. Exchange email or phone numbers with Instructor.
  • Circulate class roster (located in class folder) the first day of class. Students need to verify their personal information is correct and initial. IF there are changes or additions, please drop off the list to the OLLI office suite so changes to the roster can be made.
  • Confer with Instructor regarding class breaks, copy requests and pick-up, class schedule changes and distribution of handouts. Help ensure the room is in order.
  • See the OLLI Office for help with audio-visual equipment.


  • New members have a small red dot on their nametag.
  • On the first day of class, announce that you are available to help new members.
  • Make an effort to meet and introduce new members during a coffee break or after class.  **Coffee IS allowed in the classrooms.
  • Encourage members to meet and greet new members and each other.
  • Remind all members of the benefits of wearing nametags.

OLLI Notes/Other Items:

  • Before each class, review OLLI Notes from the back of the class folder or from Manly Lobby or your own personal copy, and look in your class folder for items to be announced.
  • Direct class members to the location of the OLLI Notes on the Herring Center bulletin board or the OLLI office.
  • Ask class members to take photos of class activities and send them to the OLLI Office.
  • Hearing Loop: If you are in a classroom that has the Hearing Loop (Crabtree, Piper or the Downstairs classroom), hearing assistance units may be checked out from the OLLI office prior to class and must be returned after class. A driver’s license or the keys to your car will be required to secure your check out and ensure the safe return of the listening devices.

Instructor Appreciation:

  • Instructors are neither paid nor given gifts, but it is customary that something is done on the last day of class to show appreciation for their work.
  • Liaisons should coordinate some kind of instructor appreciation. Ideas include: a card signed by class, sing a song, create a skit, snacks, etc. The more we show appreciation to our great instructors the more chance they will return to teach!


  • Please ask another class member to fill in for you if you cannot attend class.

Class Folder Locations:

  • Any class held outside of the Herring Center will be in a folder box located in the Work Room of the OLLI Office Suite.
  • All classrooms in the Herring Center have a class folder box that contains all the classes for that classroom.

Questions? OLLI Office: 864-294-2998

In Case Of Emergency Call Furman Public Safety: 864-294-2111

They have emergency equipment and/or will call EMS.