Staff Member of the Year


This award is intended to recognize those members of our campus that go above and beyond. Those that have a love for our campus, students, and employees. Those that share their passion for helping, improving, and caring for the people and the mission of our University. In an environment that is focused on educating young men and women, this award is designed to recognize those staff members who also play important and vital roles outside of the classroom.


Nominations are accepted during the month of February. Finalists and winner are recognized at the Spring Employee Recognition Event in April.

Nomination Requirements

  • The nominee must be a full-time Furman staff member (at least 3 years)
  • You may only nominate 1 person per entry
  • You may nominate as many people as you would like
  • Individuals can decide as a group to send in nominations for a single person, however – it is NOT required that you nominate anyone for this award.

Staff Member of the Year Will Receive:

  • $1000 cash prize
  • Overall campus recognition
  • An engraved clock recognizing them as Staff Member of the Year
  • Free Furman group exercise classes for 1 year
  • Staff Member of the Year car parking pass – extends parking privilege to timed zones
  • Recognition at the Spring Employee Recognition Event
  • Invitation to attend the first football game of the season with a guest in the President’s Suite and be recognized on-field

Past Winners and Finalists

Interested to know who won and who was a finalist? See the past winners and finalists.