Are you considering a new IT project, service, or solution in your department?  The IT Service Center is here to help!

Step 1: Project Charter

A project charter should be completed when projects are high cost, high risk, or have the potential to impact a large part of the campus community. The project charter identifies project goals, benefits, timing, and risks; assigns an IT project lead person; and documents vice president approval.

The project charter should be created and approved before meeting with vendors, or having IT Services staff write programs. If your project is low cost, low risk, and only affects a small part of the campus community, a project charter is not necessary. However, please note that most cloud services that store university data are considered high risk.

If you have questions about project charters, please contact the IT Service Center.

Step 2: Request for Proposal (RFP)

A request for proposal (RFP) is required for purchases over $10,000. Purchases over $5,000 require three quotes from different vendors, or a completed sole source form. If you have questions, please view Furman’s procurement guidelines.

Step 3: ITS Contract Review

University policy requires CIO approval for all IT contracts for equipment, software, or services. The Information Technology Services Contract Review Form (pdf) initiates the ITS contract review process. During the contract review, the CIO will check legal, security, and business requirements. This review will also ensure that project goals and timing fit with other IT Services work. For more information about IT Services contract review, please visit the Technology Contract Guidelines web page or contact the IT Service Center.

Step 4: Project Implementation

A project enters the implementation phase after receiving the proper administrative and budgetary approvals. During this phase, the project team works to make the needed changes on time and on budget.

Step 5: Post Implementation Review

After a new system or service has been in place for 6 months to a year, IT Services will check to see if the project goals were achieved by conducting a post implementation review. The post implantation review will determine if the project should continue, if the contract should be terminated, or if another solution should be found.

If you have questions about the IT Services Project Management process, please contact the IT Service Center.