Information Technology Services: Associate Vice President for Information Technology​​

Last Revised: 08/19/14

Title: Support of On-Campus Network/On-Line Game Playing

Applicable: Furman University Students

Contacts: The IT Service Center ext.3277

Background: As the speed and availability of the network has increased, the use of the network has spread to include more recreational uses. Due to the increased number of networked computers and gaming consoles on campus, it has become necessary to create a support policy for these items.

Policy: Current University students will have a single live network port available to them in their residence hall.


  • Information Technology Services will make one live port available to each current residential student.
  • Information Technology Services will offer no troubleshooting or support for network or on-line computer games or gaming consoles, beyond ensuring that the network port is live and that traffic is not being limited unintentionally.