Information Technology Services: Associate Vice President for Information Technology​​

Last Revised: 08/19/14

Title: eWeb Web Site Policy

Applicable: Furman University [Staff and Faculty]

Contacts: IT Service Center ext. 3277

Background: With the introduction of the Furman web content management system (based on WordPress), and the availability of our eWeb web hosting service, it has become necessary to create a policy that states the process for determining when web sites will be placed on eWeb, who is entitled to accounts on eWeb, and when those accounts will be removed from the system.

Policy: The University’s eWeb web hosting service is intended primarily for hosting personal web sites for current Furman University faculty and staff. A department web site should only be created on eWeb if the University’s web content management system (University Policy 071.72 Web Content Policy) cannot meet the needs of the department web site.


  • A department web site may be created on eWeb if the University’s web content management system cannot meet the needs of the web site.
  • All current Furman University faculty and staff are entitled to create personal web sites on eWeb.
  • request to use a virtual server or external service.
  • Services provided on eWeb will be updated at regular intervals; users are responsible for ensuring their web sites and applications function after the server is upgraded.
  • All eWeb web sites will be constrained by quotas. All requests for additional space should be submitted to the IT Service Center.
  • All web sites and projects that require additional or custom software configurations should refer to the ITS Virtual Server and External Technology Service Request policy.
  • Top-level eWeb web directories will be created with names that conform to the ITS approved naming convention.
  • Every web site must have an appointed faculty or staff member as the primary contact. Should the primary contact leave the University, the new primary contact must contact the IT Service Center to request an update of the contact information within 30 days. All projects with an expired primary contact will be removed from the system after 30 days.
  • Users should refrain from posting any material that violates University Policy 094.1 Harassment, or University Policy 071.72 Web Content Policy.
  • If the Chief Information Officer considers that the use of this facility is having a detrimental effect on the university systems or servers, he/she may request to have certain pages or data removed. If the person responsible for these pages or data cannot be reached or does not remove them in a timely manner, Information Technology Services staff may remove them at their discretion. Reasons for removal include, but are not restricted to, consumption of excessive amounts of disk space, excessive network activity, or consumption of resources needed for official university business.
  • Sites that are removed for consuming excessive amounts of disk space or excessive network activity, may apply for a web project server.
  • In the event that a faculty or staff member leaves the University, their personal web account and data will be removed immediately.
  • The Chief Information Officer must approve all special requests.