Information Technology Services: Associate Vice President for Information Technology​​

Last Revised: 05/01/2022

Title: Email Account Policy

Applicable: Furman University Faculty, Staff and Students

Contacts: IT Service Center ext. 3277

Background: University Policy 072.1 defines the University’s Policy for electronic messaging. This department policy helps ITS staff understand how we define that University Policy’s description of students, faculty, staff, and affiliates and their eligibility for a university provided email account.

Policy: All current Furman faculty, staff, students, and affiliates will be given a university email account. The account will be maintained until the user no longer has a current relationship with the University.


  • All current Furman students, faculty, staff, and affiliates, will be given an email account which will be maintained by the university.
  • Furman University does not offer email accounts to: non-current students, alumni, spouses, or any person without an entry in the University’s administrative system showing a current relationship to the university.
  • Upon retirement, and based on approval of Human Resources, faculty will be given the option to convert their email account to a retirement account. Staff may request a forwarding entry in the Furman electronic address book.
  • All accounts will be created within 2 business days of receiving information from Human Resources, or a student enrolling in class.
  • Any employee or affiliate permanently leaving the university will have their account disabled immediately upon parting from the university.
  • Any student permanently leaving the university will retain their accounts for 2 weeks following their withdrawal date.
  • Departments that wish to retain the contents of an account of a previous employee must request such access from the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources.
  • Accounts belonging to graduating seniors will be disabled thirty days after commencement.
  • Information Technology Services will not restore accounts or information from accounts for individuals who have permanently left the university.
  • The Chief Information Officer must approve all other special requests.​​​