What type of computers are used on Furman’s campus?

Both Mac and Windows computers are common, and there are many computer labs.

Should I bring a computer to Furman?

Although it’s not required, we do recommend you bring a computer. Most students bring a laptop computer.

If I bring a computer, what type should I have?

Most general applications are well suited for either a Mac or a Windows computer.

Which buildings have wireless networking?

All buildings on campus have full wireless coverage.

Are there any special technology discounts for Furman students?

Yes! We have special pricing for Furman students from Dell and Apple.

Will the computer I have now have work at Furman?

Please see our recommended minimum computer specifications.

Can I ship my computer to campus?

Yes. Our campus post office will hold packages for you. The package must be addressed to your student mailbox. If you don’t know your student mailbox, contact Mail Services at (864) 294-2107.

What type of software will I need

Furman provides all students with Windows or Mac antivirus software. Students also get emails and calendars from Microsoft Office 365.

Most students need an office productivity package including a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation application. We recommend Microsoft Office which is installed in all Furman computer labs.

Furman has licensed Microsoft Office for use on your personal computer. Please follow our instructions for installing Office 365

If you are planning to purchase software, look for academic versions. Many software vendors offer discounts to the academic community.

How do I configure my smartphone to get my Furman email?

Please see the ITS Help guide for mobile devices or contact the IT Service Center.

Are there any restrictions for downloading music or movies?

Yes. Please refer to our Copyright and File Sharing page for information on copyright laws. There are sites where you can legally download music from the Internet. We encourage all members of the campus community to respect copyrights and intellectual property.