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Masking & Distancing Guidelines

Students, faculty, staff and campus visitors are expected to follow these guidelines for masking indoors and outdoors on campus.

Masking and distancing both indoors and outdoors is no longer required on campus for those who have submitted documentation of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to the Earle Student Health Center (students) or Human Resources (faculty and staff). Individuals must be two weeks past their final dose to be considered fully vaccinated.

This summer, faculty or staff may choose to require students to wear masks (regardless of vaccination status) in their offices, labs, classrooms or studios.

Individuals who are not fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing (at least 6 feet) at all times indoors, and outdoors if physical distancing is not possible. The only exceptions are for:

  • Faculty and staff alone in their assigned office.
  • Students inside their assigned housing space. Masking is still required for all unvaccinated students when in common areas, hallways, stairwells and bathrooms in the residence halls.
  • Students traveling in a pod together as defined in the Travel Policy & Guidelines.
  • Face coverings protect others from infectious droplets that are released from your nose and mouth. Cloth face coverings should include at least two layers of fabric that fully cover the nose and mouth, and fit snugly and comfortably against the side of the face. In general, face shields are not acceptable as a replacement for face coverings for general campus use.

Furman is supportive of members of our community who will choose to continue to wear masks. Individuals who choose to wear masks should not be questioned about them, nor should they be discouraged or prohibited from wearing them. It should also not be assumed that these individuals are not vaccinated.

Supervisors should not ask employees about their vaccination status. Please remember that there are a number of reasons that an employee may choose not to be vaccinated. Employees must be treated equally, regardless of vaccination status. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Human Resources.

Faculty and staff should not ask students about their vaccination status. Please remember that there are a number of reasons that a student may choose not to be vaccinated, including disability, medical contraindication, or religious or strong personal objection. Faculty and staff may not ask students why they are not vaccinated, and all students must be treated equally, regardless of vaccination status.

  • This summer, if knowing the vaccination status of a group of students (e.g., research group) would allow a faculty or staff member to more effectively manage a lab, studio, or field trip/excursion, please email furman.focused@furman.edu with your request.