Institute for the Advancement of Community Health

Students will continue to explore educational opportunities and career paths in community-oriented health care fields through activities offered by IACH. Examples of these resources include:

  • Students will schedule virtual appointments with the Health Careers Internship Coordinator to discuss and plan virtual health-related experiences.
  • IACH will offer a webinar series with healthcare professionals to help students learn from personal examples of education and career paths. These conversations will also help students gain professional perspectives on the impact of social determinants of health on health outcomes to complement other courses.
  • Students will have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of Greenville, with a spotlight on several key community healthcare organizations that to understand the diverse professional network of community health in Greenville.
  • Students will network with health care professionals during virtual panels, with specific attention to special topics such as the impact of COVID-19 from a community health perspective as well as important professional populations such as women in health care.

Furman Innovation & Entrepreneurship

We empower students to execute ideas that impact our communities and transform our world.

P.P.E. – Paladin Pitch Events

3-day LIVE Virtual Innovative Leadership Workshops (offered throughout the semester) assisting students with the skills to ideate, test and launch a social or entrepreneurial venture.

Class E Podcast – Innovative Leadership Speaker Series

Bi-monthly LIVE Virtual Innovative Leadership Speaker Series hosting some of Furman’s most innovative alumni.  Students will:

  • learn how our alumni have leveraged their liberal arts education into innovative ventures and careers and transform our world, and
  • connect with innovative and entrepreneurially-minded alumni and community leaders


Students will have the opportunity to schedule virtual one-on-one coaching meetings with Furman Innovation & Entrepreneurship’s dedicated Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities

Shi Institute Student Sustainability Fellowships

The Shi Institute will continue to support a Student Fellows Program which engages Furman undergraduate students in sustainability research, service, and internships around campus and community-based projects. This year they will offer a combination of in-person, all virtual, and hybrid campus-based student fellowships including positions with the Furman Farm (in person), Communications and Outreach (all virtual), and Alternative Transportation (hybrid) among others.

Furman Farm

The Furman Farm is an organic garden on campus with a comprehensive composting program. The farm is largely student-run and will have opportunities for students to work in person on the farm this spring. The Furman Farm provides the campus community with an environment in which students, faculty, and staff can study, research, and practice small-scale food production. The Farm grows a wide variety of crops that are served in the Dining Hall.


In the residence halls, the Shi Institute coordinates the EcoReps program which has become the main catalyst for sustainable behavior change. The Reps’ mission is to instill a sense of sustainability on Furman’s campus by promoting sustainable behaviors through education, awareness, and connections with residence life. This year they will offer a series of in-person and virtual opportunities around sustainable living for students on campus or at home.

UN Millennium Fellows Program

The Millennium Fellows program is a United Nations semester-long leadership development program designed at advancing the UN’s sustainable development goals on campus and in the community. The program which runs in the spring will be virtual this year.

The Riley Institute

Straight Talk Series

This weekly series includes high-profile speakers, academicians, and those who have on-the-ground experience with issues and topics of interest to Americans, and, in particular, South Carolinians. The next series, Voting in America, will be via Zoom.

The university will closely monitor the evolving circumstances related to COVID-19, along with rapidly developing scientific knowledge and medical resources, to determine the appropriateness for adjustments and contingencies. For general questions about the spring semester, please email