Stdent presenting graduate level research

Furman Engaged 2021 Reflection Contest

There are many ways to participate in Furman Engaged – as a presenter and an attendee.  The program features students sharing myriad types of engaged learning experiences from all disciplines and majors represented at Furman.

For those who attend Furman Engaged, we encourage you to reflect upon what you hear and see throughout the day.  For those who do presentations, we encourage you to think not only about the engaged learning experience you share, but also how the act of sharing that experience with the Furman Community affected your learning.

Students can submit reflections for one of or both of the prompts.  $100 prizes will be awarded for the most compelling reflection in each category.  The deadline to submit your reflection is April 23.  Prizes will be awarded by May 3rd.

Prompt for students attending Furman Engaged:

As a result of attending Furman Engaged, what did you learn about the value of having engaged learning experiences?  How did your peers’ experiences inspire and inform your pathway at Furman?  What engaged learning opportunities might you pursue so you can achieve your “Furman Advantage” in the future?  Explain in 750 words or less.

Prompt for students presenting at Furman Engaged:

Thinking about your engaged learning experience, what aspect(s) of it brought you joy?  What aspect(s) of it were challenging? What did you learn about yourself during the experience, and how will you use what you learned in the future?   How did sharing the experience with others during Furman Engaged affect what you were able to take from the experience?   Explain in 750 words or less.