Here you’ll find many Furman Engaged-branded digital downloads. You will find background images for video conference calls, the logo, email header, and access to branded items through our Creative Toolkit.

Furman Engaged Zoom Background Images

Furman Engaged Logos

JPG Logos

Download JPG



Evite Image

This evite is also available to edit in Design Conductor, should you need to remove the text “Save the Date,” or edit any other text.

Email Header

PowerPoint Templates

See these branded slides for use in student oral presentations and student posters.

Creative Toolkit, a.k.a. Design Conductor

  • Furman Engaged templates are available for your use through the Furman Creative Toolkit, also known as Design Conductor. Furman Engaged templates include an evite, logos, and posters. Each template has instructions on how to insert your own photos and/or text. Once you submit your design, it will be reviewed by University Communications. Once approved, you can submit to P2X for printing or download a digital file.
  • To get started, simply go to Design Conductor and follow the steps to login (if you already have an account) or to register (if you are new to Design Conductor). When registering for the first time, DO NOT USE YOUR FURMAN NETWORK LOG-IN as your credentials for Design Conductor. This is to be a unique password not tied to the university system.
  • Once logged in to Design Conductor, click “Create,” then “Miscellaneous” and scroll down the page until you see Furman Engaged-branded logo and evite. To view posters, select “Create” then “Posters.” TIP: You may use any of the templates in Design Conductor for Furman Engaged! Consider downloading the Furman Engaged logo, and placing it in any other templates you might like to use.
  • A “how-to” sheet and FAQ for Design Conductor are available on the University Communications website. If you have any questions on how to use this system, please contact Elizabeth Lichtenberg at