FurmanFlex Consultation Corps

Our community of colleagues at Furman includes members with experience and expertise providing the necessary guidance, support, and troubleshooting to support your work to design hybrid flexible learning and journey with you as you experiment with the practice. Included below are colleagues who have agreed to serve as consultants for this purpose. We encourage you to contact the person/s below that most closely align with your topic of interest as a first step. From there, you may be directed towards other members of our Furman community with more specific experience. As best as possible, we have highlighted more detailed areas of expertise in parenthesis.

General Course Design/Pedagogical Evaluation

Click here for help with re-envisioning your methods and practice of teaching (pedagogy) for FurmanFlex instruction, including refining your learning objectives, adapting your methods and modes of instruction, revising assignments, and reevaluating your assessment approach.

Diane Boyd, Associate Dean of Faculty Development, Executive Director, Faculty Development Center

Benjamin Haywood, Assistant Director, Faculty Development Center

Instructional Technology Support

Click here for help with instructional technology support, access, & troubleshooting, including Moodle, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Zoom, and other Microsoft education applications.

Susan Dunnavant, Director of Learning Technology Services

Andrew Markovic, Instructional Technologist (Moodle (Humanities and Social Sciences), Microsoft Teams)

Michael Vick, Instructional Technologist (Box)

Jean Childress, IT Training & Special Events Coordinator (Moodle (Fine Arts and Sciences), Microsoft PowerPoint)

Joe Hiltabidel, Instructional Technologist (Zoom) 

Joey Grant, Instructional Technologist (Moodle (natural science faculty), Zoom)

Adam Barton, Instructional Technologist

Library Resources and Access

Click here for help with support assessing library resources and services for FurmanFlex instruction, resources for digital access of educational material, and assistance with student support for research in a hybrid flexible learning environment.

Caroline Mills, Director of Libraries

Sarah Ward, Library Specialist (electronic resources)

Department Liaisons (accessing library resources)

FurmanFlex Instructional Practice

Click here for help with ideas for FurmanFlex learning assignments, instruction, and interaction; tips to utilize learning technology effectively; training and support for specific flexible learning applications, and discipline-specific resources for flexible learning.

Christopher Hutton, Professor of Music (virtual recording and instruction for music, online transition for fine arts and institutes)

Charles Davis, Adjunct Instructor of Business and Accounting, First Gentleman (asynchronous online course instruction, electronic learning supplements, Furman Lightboard) 

Jenny Colvin, Assistant Director, Outreach Services (online instruction for social sciences, One Note for Education)

Mac McArthur, Associate Professor of Communication Studies (online instruction for humanities, online instructional delivery and management; synchronous and asynchronous module design, online learning assessment)

Victoria Turgeon, Professor of Biology & Director of Master of Science in Community Engaged Medicine (online instruction for natural sciences)

Jean Schwab, Assistant Director, Writing and Media Lab (Camtasia use and training)

Diane Iseminger, Director of Internships (completing internship responsibilities virtually)

Bobbi Siefert, Assistant Professor of Education (asynchronous online courses, module/unit development, online interactive tool use)  

Buket Oztas, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs (utilizing Moodle assignments, discussion boards, and content management; integrating Turnitin assignments in Moodle)

Kyle Longest, Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Academic Dean (utilizing Moodle for small-group chats, students assignments, and preparing students for Moodle engagement)

Dennis Haney, Professor of Biology (utilizing Moodle for quizzes and tests)

Lisa Barksdale, Lecturer in Music (voice projection, voice therapy)


Student Academic Support

Please flag students in Success@Furman if you have concerns about their academic progress or general well-being. You may also reach out directly to share your concerns to connect students to appropriate resources and support.

Tracy Carner, Assistant Academic Dean 

Kelsey Davis, Director, Center for Academic Success 

Jean Schwab, Director, Peer Assisted Learning

Student Accommodations

Click here for help with providing student accessibility accommodations in a flexible learning context, navigating conversations with students with accommodations about hybrid adaptations, and the accessibility of FurmanFlex learning technology, platforms, or learning strategies.

Judy Bagley, Director, Student Office for Accessibility Resources (SOAR)

Scott Salzman, Web Discovery Librarian (Accessible Technology)

Katlyn Sepsey, Accessibility Specialist

Jessica Lane, Accessibility Specialist


Still don’t see anyone on this list that you think can help? Want to join our corps and offer your support in your area of hybrid flexible learning expertise?  Email us with your request or information!